Cryptolocker Virus Removal Instructions and Support

CryptoLocker Virus – Removal and Decryption Guide

Computer viruses are a bane, to say the least. Most recently, a new one called the CryptoLocker Virus has posed a terrible threat as it spreads through one’s system and holds computers at ransom by encrypting files until the victim pays a fee to have it removed.

Essentially, the virus acts like an old school neighborhood enforcer. If you want to be protected from the threat it brings, you had better pay up. If not, then you’ll be sorry. By following the instructions given here, you can better understand this what is happening, and also find out how to remove cryptolocker virus. By ignoring these steps, it is a guarantee that your computer will be overtaken and your files will be lost.

After a computer infection, the virus will start popping up. The best course of action is to remove it immediately. The longer it stays, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Like a physical illness, prevention is the best method. When prevention fails, immediate attention will wipe it out before it becomes unmanageable.

This virus attacks by placing a Trojan or other hijacker into your system, allowing it to gain access to the computer, but in a way that is undetected until it’s too late. This usually happens by way of emails and downloads.

When the virus has access to your computer, it gets into your files, registry and other features. The virus gains complete control.

At this point, you will be prompted to pay $100 to unencrypt your files. Doing this is a very bad idea because the person who put the virus on your computer will now have your credit or debit card information.

How to remove CryptoLocker Virus

There are several ways to remove this virus. Some take more steps than others, depending on the severity of the attack. We are going to cover them, and the steps needed to take to get rid of this horrible virus.


Virus Removal Instructions

For removing the Cryptolocker virus, follow the below instructions. Please remember the following instructions can only cure the infected computer if they are conducted in the specified order.

STEP1: Turn the computer on using Safe Mode with Networking

a. Before starting the removal process, we Strongly Suggest taking down the following phone number, that way if you come across any technical snag you can receive further assistance removing the cryptolocker infection.

Don’t be shy, if you need help Just give us a call!

Don’t be shy, we’re one call away if you need help!
b. To Begin: shut down the computer then wait 20 seconds to power it back on,
c. Next, when it begins to load immediately begin pressing the “F8″ key till you see the Windows Advanced Option menu.


d.Scroll down and SELECT Safe Mode with Networking and hit ENTER.
e. From here the PC will run in run in Safe Mode with networking and allow you to install the cyptolocker removal program. Next: Install the Cryptolocker removal program:

STEP 2: Download the Cryptolocker Removal Program

Now you will be given easy instructions to bypass the Cryptolocker virus and install the program that will remove it.
a. Start by pushing the “Windows” key and the “R” key at once to open the run command box. SEE IMAGE BELOW



c. After you see the RUn Box open, Type in the following into the following: iexplore then PRESS OK.
This tricks the cryptolocker virus and enables the removal program to be downloaded and installed on thecomputer.

See Image Below

STEP 3: Installing the Cryptolocker Removal Program

Our Team of experts have tested and found the best program to remove the cryptolocker virus permanently. This program is highly recommended for the removal of Cryptolocker and it has been proven to work. Below is the most important step.
a. Once you have “clicked” OK, the Cryptolocker program will begin to download and install itself on your computer. You will then be asked to “RUN” or “SAVE” the file. CLICK RUN to start the Cryptolocker Removal process..
b. Now by pressing RUN the PC has begun to install SpyHunter4, a program made by Enigma Software. This program has built in definitions specifically made to remove the Cryptolocker virus and also keep it from ever coming back. This easy process is part of the reason why this program is highly effective at removing the Cryptolocker virus.
c. The Spyhunter4 program will direct you through the steps to scan the computer and show you exactly how to remove the Cryptolocker virus. Once you have completed all of these step, we recommend restarting the computer and making sure it is working properly. If you’re not satisifed with how it is running or think it still needs a tune up, call us at 1-877-615-2409 and one of our Techs will kindly assist you.